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How to create beautiful flower arrangements?

"With these DIY video tutorials everybody can do it!"




Do you like flowers, flower arranging and making your own wreath or flower arrangement?

Then this is your new place. 

Learn quickly how to create the most beautiful creations yourself through the DIY video tutorials of top florist Lilian Brouns. This way you will never be without inspiration and you will know exactly which materials you need.

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Why LiliVerde?

  • Beautiful creations designed by an expert
  • very clear explanation
  • Cheaper compared to ready made
  • Being creative
  • A nice atmosphere in the house






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What do you get?

  • Twice a month a new inspirational video
  • Unlimited access to all existing videos
  • Tons of inspiration
  • More fun performing your hobby
  • Loads of compliments about your creations
  • You will become a florist pro




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With this free instruction video you can taste the floral art of Lilian through an exclusive flower arrangement.

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Making a beautiful flower arrangement yourself has never been easier

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